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Us  dating disablity site

"Glimmer was designed to promote transparency between users and be welcoming to all people."Buzz Feed reports that the app, currently available for both Android and i Phone, was launched in January 2017 by Geoffrey Anderson.Anderson was inspired to create the app after working with people with disabilities and watching his disabled brother struggle with traditional dating apps like Tinder.In that case, the court can conclude that the statement meant the employee was a witness and find that the statement is innocent.

Defamation at work occurs when employers, customers or co-workers publish false statements of fact, without legal privilege to do so, that harm the reputation of employees.

If the employer knows that the employee did not steal but says so anyways, the employer probably loses the privilege.

An employer may avoid a finding of defamation if it exercised reasonable care when it made the false statement.

However, for new dating app, Glimmer, it's all about honesty — especially when it comes to disabilities.

"A lot of dating and social apps can be misleading or exclusive," the website reads.

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An employer has a qualified privilege to make statements about its employees concerning matters of their employment, especially when made in response to another employer's request for a reference.

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