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Dana becomes friends with Todd and Myron becomes friends with Shari (although she's asleep).

In order to hear Shari's thoughts, Myron uses a glass which held some of Mrs. Eventually, this leads to Myron and Shari attempting to do friendly activities together, only for Dana to attempt to be better than them.

However, they are both aware he has a crush on Mrs.

Jewls asks Dameon if he enjoyed his lunch, and Dameon says it was all right. Jewls asks Dameon to get construction paper out of her desk, and he does, but puts the dead rat inside while she isn't looking. Jewls says it won't be necessary, which only makes him feel worse.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School will have you laughing out loud and yelling for more.

One day Allison gets stuck down there with Bebe's imaginary brother named Ray.

Jewls, and that's why he always does nice things for her, like passing out papers. Jewls is very pretty, nice, and smart, maybe even one of the smartest people in the classroom. However, Dameon takes offense to this, thinking that Myron and D. However, after Dana sees Myron attempting to teach Shari his best friend handshake, Myron and Dana eventually become friends again. Kidswatter is busy on his new Wizzometic, in an attempt to relieve his stress.However, with little knowledge on how to use it, he ends up literally getting carried away with it. Whitney and Wallach Whitney Houston hit recor Whitney Houston song used Whitney Houston's "All th Whitney Houston's record Whitney of cotton gin fam Whitney of gin fame Whitney or Wallach Whitney's partner in airp Whittier poem "___ Well"Whittier war poem "Laus _Whittington, chasing cat, ran hard all over the place with unknown, random blokes Whittle Whittle (down)Whittle away Whittle down Whittled down Whittler Whittles (down)Whitworth College locale Whiz Whiz at tennis serves Whiz kid's musical key? Whiz-bang Whizzed Whizzed (through)Whizzed along Whizzes Whizzes at quizzes? Whitman or Whittier Whitman poem opener Whitman work Whitman's "A Backward Gla Whitman's "Song of ___"Whitman's dooryard bloome Whitney after whom Whitne Whitney and others: Abbr.

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