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Wechat sex service

It is easy to set up a Weixin chatgroup to communicate and share files in an educational or corporate setting.Instead of adding individuals one by one through their telephone number, Weixin allows people to join a location-based group through a collective password.

"It would not be surprising to find that everything on Whats App gets blocked, forcing users in China to use unencrypted, monitored and censored services like We Chat." Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said he had no information on the issue when asked by reporters on Tuesday.

And in closely orchestrated and televised trials, the arrested lawyers read scripted confessions explaining how they used the apps to communicate freely with collaborators overseas.

Telegram has since been blocked, with many Chinese dissidents switching in recent months to Whats App.

The best thing about We Chat is the sheer volume of its plugins, functions and features, which is basically everything anyone could use on a smartphone.

Getting a taxi, paying for drinks, organizing work-related meetings, chatting with friends –a function that is built into We Chat, so you can now get a taxi through We Chat and also pay for it through the app’s wallet function.

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The government is in the midst of preparing for a sensitive party congress while Chinese censors this week revved up a sprawling effort to scrub all mention of Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died Thursday in government custody.

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