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Who has shane west dating

So to endure a double insecurity in dating, you have to really be strong to make it work.

Then again, if you date someone outside the industry, they can be a little more real and more down-to-earth.

Over lunch at West Hollywood see-and-be-seen hot spot Cecconi's, we ate our weight in food, celebrated Shane's birthday, and shared crazy Hollywood stories.

Shane: You're naturally predisposed to date an actress, as generic as that sounds, but the good thing about that is that she understands what you're going through and what the business requires. It's dealing with...we're all a group of insecure people, really—at least in front of the camera.

Then I'm going to try and get a haircut because I can't stand this right now.

[] I'm going to use Ashley's suggestion, and hopefully they can squeeze me in.

Then the gym, and then pack for my trip to Toronto and New York.

Ashley: I'm going to the post office, so I have to assume that could take an hour.

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The mother of Shane is a famous lawyer whereas his father was the owner of the drug store. At 4, his parents got divorced, therefore he had not spent perfect childhood days.

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