Who is shepard smith dating

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ran a story from its editor, Kevin Naff, noting that it had once tried to push Smith out of the closet in 2005: "Shep Smith Comes Out — 11 Years After I Outed Him." "The reaction to my outing of Smith ranged from cheers to angry condemnation," Naff recalled."It all seems a tad quaint in 2016 — and ridiculous that coming out today in Manhattan attracts any attention at all.It should be noted that it's still legal in most states to a fire person for being LGBT. Other Smith detractors wielded more overtly homophobic attacks, invoking slurs or talking about anal sex for laughs.

At this age, his spark and presentation skills are much higher than others his age.

In October 2012, as Gawker points out, Smith had Graziano transferred to “Varney & Co,” a show on Fox Business News, in order to avoid any “conflict of interest.”Smith and Graziano aren’t attempting to hide their relationship, as they’ve allegedly been spotted together at (straight) Manhattan bars like the Ainsworth and the Bathtub Gin in Chelsea and the Village Pourhouse on Third Avenue in the East Village, Gawker said.

Some of their co-workers at Fox News also seem to be aware of the relationship.

He is a name that has shined in the media and has emerged as a competitive face. Smith has proven that is not tough to make a name in the competitive world of media.

Not many people can make such good from the opportunities they get.

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“The people who know the most are [Graziano’s] former co-workers from Fox,” a source told Gawker.