Youth group games about dating

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Youth group games about dating

For this game you need to make your own money on your computer (be sure it's clearly phony or it might be a federal offense). They are to try to win as many as possible from their peers by challenging them one on one doing one of three things: Thumb wrestling Rock, paper, scissors Flipping a coin As people enter the room, give everyone a pre-typed sheet of paper with each letter of the alphabet (x-optional) on the vertical left side. The Point: Getting to Know You Also see Alphabet Pockets (Click Here).

Example: A____________ B____________ C____________ D____________ Everyone attempts to find out something about others that starts with one of the letters. Create a clock with hands to each of the twelve hours.

The hands of the clock act as blanks for the students to write each other's names on. If you could meet one person in human history, who would it be?

Everyone goes around and has to 'make an appointment' with someone who has an opening at the same 'time' you do on your card. If there was one thing you could change about your friends, what would it be?

This can be quite funny because when someone catches someone else, they usually blow it by saying, "I caught you! " At the end of this time, give away a prize (besides Blow Pops) for the person with the most necklaces. What was your favorite Christmas present of all time? Tell everybody to grab all their clothes pins and bring in your human target and play music as they throw or pin their clothes pins at him. Variation: Once in their groups, the game leader reads a question from the list below (or write your own) and everyone in the group answers. Also see Keys (Click Here) & Your Number is Up (Click Here). They have to arrange themselves in numerical order by communicating with each other without speaking or holding up fingers.

You can also use "Ring Pops" instead of "Blow Pops." Want a real quick, fun, and tasty way to break your audience up into smaller groups? Gather a few distinctly different types of candy and tape them under the chairs of your audience before the meeting. Kids can't believe they are doing this, and when you stop the music, all your pins are gathered up at the front. When the majority in the crowd have answered, leader directs them to mingle again. They make up their own sub-language or sign-language and it often is pretty amusing.

Also, if you have enough adult leaders, put one in each group; this is a great way for students to connect with them, as well. The Point: Remembering names of people in your group. The goal of this game is to work your way up by beating other players at Rock-Scissors-Paper to the “position” of king or queen. Added by Brad Williams Also see Ape, Man, Lady (Click Here) and Ninja, Gun, Gorilla (Click Here). Give out the "Find Someone Who" list to students and have them go from student to student looking for someone who meets the descriptions on their list. The student who fits this description signs their name.

Exact same thing, but they have to get as far away from the word as they possibly can! The students absolutely love this game and when you start having them read their answers out loud, they will all be laughing and it will truly be a time to remember! You should read aloud the list with the person's name who signed it.Depending on the size of your group, this game could work as an Up Front Game (for a large group—the group watches while a few do the activity in front of the group, entertaining the rest) or as a Mixer (for a small group—in a group of 8-12 kids you could involve almost everyone.Create a circle with chairs and one couch, enough seats for everyone playing plus one extra seat.Also see Banana Stuff (Click Here), Clumps (Click Here), & Your Number Is Up (Click Here). NOTE: You will want to make sure that you evenly distribute approximately the same number of cards for each movie group. The object of the mixer is to be the first music group that fully assembles the quickest.Buy enough Blow Pops (Blow Pops, not cheap suckers - students have to LIKE what you use) for three times the amount of students and staff you have. You don’t want 30 of one movie and only 2 of another. Here is a great mixer that is a fun way to divide into teams. NOTE: You will want to make sure that you evenly distribute approximately the same number of cards for each music group.

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Put a twist on the game by putting in only ONE card that says "donkey" and giving it to a very secure student (but don't tell him/her they're the only donkey). This is a quick one that is a fun way to divide into teams. For instance, if a student is in the movie group “A Christmas Carol,” he or she will keep saying “I’m the ghost of Christmas past,” until he or she finds the rest of his or her teammates. (In other words, spread them out as much as possible.) When you say go, students assemble themselves into ONE of the FOUR possible music groups by continually singing their lyrics printed on their card.

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